PDF Expert – Continued

In my previous article on PDF Expert I covered most of how the main window interface works. I think you can see, PDF Expert is a very powerful program. In this installment, I want to look at the Editing and Annotation features.


If you click on the Edit feature at the top of the window you get this window:

Click for larger image

You click on a paragraph to select it, then click in the paragraph to edit it. If you look just above the text in the document you see some choices like Text, Image, Link, etc. These are just different ways to interact with your document in this Editing area.

If you look in the document in the above screenshot you see a paragraph that has been selected. Just above that, the green hi-lighted area, is what a link looks like. Also, look in the right hand column. That is a text editing area. If you click on that “T” at the top of that column it opens up a text editing window. This whole Editing area is very nicely done.


When you click on “Annotate” PDF Expert presents this menu above you document:

Click for larger image

If you look closely, the Annotate icons are in four groups. From left to right, the first group is Annotate, Underline, and Strikethrough. The second group is Pen, Eraser, Text and Shapes. The third group is Note, Stamp and Signature. And, the last icon is Content Selection. When you click on these icons the window displays different tools and/or colors that are applicable to that annotation tool.

I am not going to show you what each one of these tools looks like. However, I wanted to show you one of them, the Stamp tool. When you click on the Stamp tool you get these choices in the right sidebar:

Can you believe that?! There are all kinds of things you can do. Of course, these stamps apply mostly to a business environment. Speaking of businesses, PDFExpert is definitely up to a business situation.


There are other goodies in PDF Expert. I will allow you to discover them for yourself. This is a well designed, powerful application. If you need a full-blown PDF editor I highly recommend it.