PDF Expert

I have used PDF editing programs for years. I am always on the lookout for a good PDF editor, especially since I cannot afford Adobe Acrobat. Lately, I was able to get PDF Expert by Readdle on sale so I thought I would give it a try. I am glad I did.

Initial Observations

I have been using PDF Expert for a few weeks to annotate and edit PDF documents. It also allows you to fill out PDF forms. It has powerful file sharing features as well. You can password PDF documents if necessary. The interface, which we will see in a moment, is very nicely laid out. It is an easy to use application. Plus, it is super fast!! I have been doing some editing in a 4,000 page PDF document that the Preview app was not able to handle. PDF Expert handles it with ease, no problems. PDF Expert is a very sophisticated, well designed editing application. Let’s take a look at the main interface.

The Main window

PDF Expert has some of the same window layouts as other editing apps, and some new twists of it’s own. Here is the main window.

Click for larger image

I have hi-lighted three main areas of the main window. Sometimes it is just easier to do it my the numbers.

1. Editing Menu – I guess you could call this the Editing Menu. Let’s take it from left to right. The far left hand icon opens and closes the sidebar with the pages listed. If you click the very next icon with the little squares, you get your pages displayed in this type of window:

Click for larger image

You can get a better view of your pages in this window. Check out the hi-lighted area at the top of this window. It allows you to Add a page, Append pages, Rotate pages, Extract pages, etc. I am always doing this kind of stuff with PDF documents. PDF Expert makes it easy.

Getting back to our main window screenshot. The next icon over with the little arrow just lets you go back to the previous page. The next icon is “Annotate.” PDF Expert has all kinds of Annotation capabilities. I will cover them in a followup article. Next is the “Edit” item, which lets you drag paragraphs around in your document and do some general editing of text without the Annotation menu. Lastly, on the far right is the “Sharing” icon which is self-explanatory.

2. Tabs – PDF Expert takes advantage of the Tabbed Windows feature in macOS Sierra. This is an excellent feature! If you are editing two related documents having them side by side in the same overall window is very helpful.

3. Sidebar – The Sidebar shows different things depending on what you are doing in the PDF document. Let’s take it from left to right again. The small flag symbol on the left is for Bookmarks. If you have bookmarks in your document, they will be listed when you click that symbol. The next icon to the right is Outline. When you click on this icon, it shows you the outline. It has a blurb on how to make an outline of your PDF doc:

That is a nice feature. If you click on the “A” symbol it shows you the Annotations that you have in your document. The last icon shows the pages. These are all pretty standard symbols used my many documents.


I am going to cover the Annotations area and a few other things in a followup article. Needless to say, PDF Expert is an excellent app. It costs $59 from the App Store. You can download a trial version for a test drive if you wish.