Postbox Move Emails

I have been using the Postbox 5 email app for quite a while now. I went back to Apple Mail for a bit because of the MailHub Extension, but Postbox just has more to offer, and it really does “just work.” One of the things I frequently do in Postbox is move emails. There are different ways to do this.


The Automated Way

The easiest way to move emails in Postbox, and most other email apps, is to use Message Filters or Rules as some apps refer to them. The Postbox Message Filter functionality is quite sophisticated:


You can setup all kinds of ways to filter emails to different locations in the Postbox app:


I use this fairly extensively in Postbox. Although, I do not have the email workflow of some of you I am sure.

The Manual Way

At times you need to manually move emails. There are a few different ways to do that in Postbox. One of the those ways depends on you installing the very excellent Quick Folders Addon:

Click for larger image

This Addon was designed for the Thunderbird email app. It works in Postbox because Postbox is based on Thunderbird. Quick Folders allows you to do a bunch of stuff, including adding aliases of your “On My Mac” folders from the left sidebar of Postbox. So, if you are just moving one email, you can drag it into one of these commonly used folders.

However, if you had several emails to drag to the same folder then it is easier to select the emails and use the “File” command in the menubar to move the emails:


Navigate to the desired location in your email account/folder structure and leg go. The emails are moved.

Yet another way to move emails in Postbox is to right-click on the email which produces the same move menu as the “File” command:

Click for larger image

Lastly, you can drag an email to an account or folder in the left sidebar of the app and follow the drop down menu for placement:




As you can see, there are many ways to move emails in Postbox. Some of the Extension Plugins for Apple Mail may be a little more sophisticated, but Postbox offers fairly easy ways to move and file your emails.