Unwanted Safari Extensions

We have all inadvertently done this. You click on something online that looks interesting and a small app or extension is installed on your Mac. In this case, my friends clicked on something and it installed an Extension in their Safari web browser. They emailed me on how to remove it.


Safari Extensions

A few macOS’ ago, Apple added Extension capabilities to the Safari web browser. Extensions are just what they sound like. They “extend” the capabilities of Safari. To add an Extension to Safari you go into the “Preferences” area and click on the “Extensions” Tab. Then, just click the “More Extensions…” button:


You will be taken to a website full of Extensions. To remove an Extension you go to the same place, Safari / Preferenes / Extensions:


Select the Extension you wish to remove in the Sidebar and click “Uninstall”. The unwanted Extension is a goner! By the way, see those checkmarks next to each Extension? You can turn an Extension off (deactivate it) without removing it. Kind of handy if you just wish to try it out for a while.


Safari Extensions can come in handy. They do add some helpful functionality to Safari. As you can see, I use a few of them.