iOS Change Safari Search Engine

As far as search engines go I think we have to admit that most people use Google. Sometimes I prefer to use DuckDuckGo because it is the “search engine that does not track you.” Changing search engines is easy on the Mac, but how is it done in iOS?


Safari Search Engine

Most people use the Safari web browser in iOS. As far as I know, Safari comes already set to use the Google Search Engine. Google is the big boy on the block. When I look at the stats for the Macessence website, 90% of the searches are performed by Google. That is saying something.

In iOS 10 Safari offers four main search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo. I like DuckDuckGo for it’s privacy, but I am sure people have their own reasons for using one of the other search engines. To check which search engine you are using and possibly change it, just go into iOS Settings and scroll down to Safari:


After entering Safari Settings check out “Search Engine” at the top of the window:


It shows you what the current search engine is. If you wish to change it, just tap on the right-arrow and you will see these choices:


Tap on the one you wish to use and back out of the Settings screens. As you can see I use DuckDuckGo, but you can chose whatever works for you.


This is not exactly an epiphany, but if you do not wish to use the default search engine in iOS for whatever reason, you can change it to your preference.