macOS Sierra 10.12.2

Apple released the 10.12.2 update to macOS Sierra this morning. I have been beta testing it for a few months on an external HD. However, you never know how it is going to do until you install it on your main Mac with all your software. I have a couple of suggestions.

The Install

The install of 10.12.2 went just fine. It took a few minutes to download. The file is about 2 GB so your download time may vary. When you double-click the file it does the usual Restart and install. The whole process probably took 15-20 minutes. Here are a couple of suggestions for your install. I highly recommend downloading and using the Combo Updater version. Combo Updaters just seem to fix stuff. They are more of a comprehensive install. I use them all the time.

After your install your Mac boots up into the new OS. I highly recommend you do a complete Shutdown at this point. I used to just do a second Restart, but for some reason a Shutdown and reboot from scratch just seems to ensure all parts of the operating system are booted cleanly. This only takes a few extra seconds, but it is worth it.


Just out of curiosity I opened the Onyx utility app and ran Permissions. Supposedly, the Mac OS fixes it’s own Permissions. Here is the result of my Permissions Repair using Onyx:


Really? The list is not as long as doing a complete OS upgrade, but why is ANY of it there at all! I don’t get it. Just to be safe, I am going to continue to do Permissions Repairs after OS updates. Of course, you want to do a Restart afterward to ensure those Permissions take effect cleanly.


If you are running macOS Sierra I recommend updating to 10.12.2. It is snappy and seems to work just fine. It does have some fixes for issues with the new MacBook Pro’s as well. As is usually the case, YMMV.