Photo Size Optimizer

I am always looking for ways to optimize photos that I use for my web pages or email to others. I have several photo editing apps, but I have found a dedicated photo optimizing app is most efficient. Enter a nice little app called Photo Size Optimizer by effectMatrix software.

Optimizing Photos

Like I said, I have many websites that I manage, including the Macessence blog, where I use quite a few photos. It is really bad form to put a photo on a blog or some other website that is still several megabytes (MB) in size. A photo of that size and quality is not needed for viewing on a computer or iDevice screen. You would want the largest photo you can muster for printing, but not for the Internet. So, the trick is to make photos as small as they can be while at the same time making sure they look good. The Photo Size Optimizer app (hereinafter referred to as PSO) accomplishes this very nicely.

Photo Size Optimizer

PSO is a one horse band. It optimizes and resizes photos. OK, so it does two things then. It is on sale right now for $9.99. I think it is worth every dime. When you first open PSO you get this window:


All you do is drag your photo or photos (it will do batch processing) into that top window. As you can see, the bottom window is a “Lossless” format. I tried this, but it did not reduce any photos very much. So, is you are really serious about shrinking down your photos, just use the top portion of the window.

Once you drag a photo into the window, the PSO main window opens:

Click for larger image

You can reset the size as well using the drop-down menu:

Click for larger image

The photo is listed on the left. It shows you how much it is going to be optimized. In this case 92.5% which is fantastic. All you really have to do is click the “Export All” button and you will be taken to this window:

Click for larger image

Just decide if you wish to replace the original with the sized version or save it to a new version. Now check this out.

Here is the original photo was it was exported from the Photos app. It is a 2.1 MB JPEG that I took with my iPhone 6s of Monterey Bay in California:

Definitely Click for larger image

I would never put a photo this large on my blog, but I wanted to compare the before and after photos here. Now here is the optimized photo:

Click for larger image

Now, I don’t think you will be able to tell the difference in these photos using a computer. There is a slight loss of quality in the optimized photo, but not much! Also, PSO made the sized photo a little smaller in length and width, but it is still a good size for most anything online. The optimized photo is 158 KB! That is a huge savings in size which makes for much faster downloads (drawing of the photo) online.


Here is the deal folks. If you need to do a moderate amount of photo resizing then get this app! It really does work great. You can get it from the effectMatrix website.