Spark Followup

I think I have covered the Spark Email App pretty well in my previous two articles. I wanted to conclude my review of Spark by covering a few Odds & Ends of the app. Mostly, this will just highlight the nice, intuitive Spark interface.


Accounts Manually

If you are not a “Smart Inbox” (unified inbox) person you can choose to look at your accounts manually. All you have to do is turn down the arrow next to “Inbox” and they are displayed:


Just click on an account and the emails are displayed in the next column.

Account Folders

I don’t know about you, but I use bunches of folders to organize and store my emails. As I said previously, Spark’s Smart Folders just don’t quite make the grade for what I need. So, I end up moving specific emails to various folders. When you create a folder in the Preferences area you have to assign it to a specific account. Most of my folders are in my iCloud account:


Two things here. Accounts with folders are listed in the sidebar. Also, all you have to do is turn down the arrow next to the account and the folders are displayed.

Archive Feature

Spark has an Archive feature. I don’t use it much, but if you wish, you can Archive certain emails. There are two ways to Archive emails. You can right-click on an email and choose Archive:

Click for larger image

Or, you can select an email and click on the Archive symbol in the toolbar. I kind of looks like a storage box:

Click for larger image


As previously mentioned, Spark has a pretty good Spam system. I get a lot of Spam so I empty my Spam Folder several times a day. To do that just click on the Spam Folder and then click on “Empty Spam” in the upper-right corner:


Since I have only been using Spark for a short time I do a quick check on what it thinks is spam before emptying. It does a pretty good job. I have only had to un-spam a few emails over the past few weeks.


Getting rid of Trash Emails is similar to Spam. Just select the Trash folder and click on “Empty Trash” in the upper-right corner of the list:




OK, I think I have pretty much exhausted all I have to say about Spark. I highly recommend it. I am hoping version 2.0 comes out soon with lots of new cool stuff.