Spark Updates

I know I have been spending a lot of time on the Spark Mail app. It is such a cool email app I just can’t help it. They have updated the program with a few things I thought I should mention. When it comes to knowing the computer human interface the people at Readdle Software get it!


Color Coding

Readdle continues to improve the usability of Spark Mail. They have added something they call Color Coding. In a nutshell, Color Coding allows (you have to turn it on) different colors to be assigned to different email accounts. The idea is that you can see what account an email is from at a glance. You turn on Color Coding in the General Tab of the Preferences area:

Click for larger image

You can setup your own color system by clicking on the Configure button:

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If you click on any of those color boxes Spark presents a drop down list of bunches of colors to choose from. When you are finished just click save.

Here is what Color Coding looks like in the Spark Email interface:


If you open the “Inbox” you can see the color coded accounts list. Each email has a small color coded bar in the title. Just enough to be useful, but not overpowering the interface.

It also assigns colors to your account folders if you have any:


Spark lists your accounts a second time down below in the folder area. These are all color coded as well. Speaking of folders, Spark has added a new ‘ease of use’ feature here.


Prior to this new Spark update, you had to create Folders in the Preferences area. I covered that in one of my previous articles. Spark now lets you setup Folders right in the sidebar:


If you turn down the arrow next to each account your Folders are displayed. You have to look closely here, but if you click on the very faint plus symbol next to the account Spark allows you to create a folder by presenting this drop down menu:

Click for larger image

I have blocked out the email address in that drop down menu. You can assign the folder to the account in question or you can select another account if you wish. Then hit the “Create” button and you have a folder. Now if Readdle would just add a “Rules” capability I would be in ‘fat city’.


Spark has added a few more new features like “Automatic BCC” and “Specific Signatures to Aliases”. To see how these work I highly recommend installing the app and giving it a try. Oh, and they did include several bug fixes in the current release as well.