Mac Lock Screen Message

This is for people with a Mac laptop of any variety. It is a good idea to put a lock screen message on your Mac laptop. If it gets misplaced or stolen and an honest person finds it, they can contact you for the return (and maybe a thank you reward?).


Lock Screen Message Setup

I have a lock screen message on my iPad and iPhone using special software for that purpose. If I happen to lose one them, at least I have a chance of having it returned to me. Setting up a Lock Screen Message on a Mac laptop does not require any special software. The capability is built into the operating system.

To setup the Lock Screen Message you start by going into the Security & Privacy area of System Preferences:


Once you are in there, just toggle the “Show a message when the screen is locked” button to on and click ON and click “Set Lock Message:”


Then, just type your information in the drop down window and click OK:


You may wish to put a phone number in there or possibly an email address. Just some way for someone to contact you.


The likelihood of you losing or misplacing your Mac laptop is slim. However, it is a good idea to take this very simple precaution just in case.