Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard

I have the usual Apple Aluminum Wired Keyboard attached to my iMac. I have wanted a wireless keyboard for a while now. I did some research, there are several wireless keyboards available for the Mac. Here is what I chose.


Matias Wireless Keyboard

I decided on the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard. Here is a photo of the whole keyboard:

Click for larger image

If you double-click on the photo you can see the keys better. It pretty much is an exact replica of the Apple Keyboard. The keys are pretty much the same except the Bluetooth Keys:


Those keys along the top of the number pad are Bluetooth keys. You can connect up to 4 devices via Bluetooth. Of course, if you connect your Mac, then you have 3 to play with.


Here are some of my observations on the Matias keyboard. Matias has been making Mac keyboards for a long time. This is a nice keyboard.

Touch – The key touch on the Matias feels pretty much like the Apple keyboard. It is a little different feel, but it is pretty close. That is fine with me, I like that feel. Also, the keys are not quite as smooth as the Apple keyboard which I also like.

The Look – You can get a regular Aluminum toned keyboard or the one I got which is a darker, “Space Gray” version. It looks nice, I like it.

ChargingMatias provides a charging cord. You plug it in to the back of the keyboard and into your Mac or charger brick. It takes about 5 hours to charge and is supposed to last for 1 year (we’ll see). It has a built in battery, you don’t need to insert batteries in any way.

Number/Bluetooth Keys – Here is my only caveat with this keyboard. The Matias Wireless Keyboard replaces the 4 number keys on the top right-side of the keyboard with the Bluetooth connect keys. If you use those numbers keys with macros you no longer have them available. I have a couple of macros setup on those keys so I moved them to other number keys with no problems. If you don’t need those keys then the Bluetooth keys are handy.

Speaking of the Bluetooth keys, it is super easy to connect a Mac or other device. You just have to be in the Bluetooth settings area of the device, then press and hold one of the Bluetooth keys until it flashes blue. Then select the keyboard in your device settings and you are done. I had to type a bunch of information into the Health App on my iPhone so I connected the Matias keyboard to the iPhone and just typed it in without any problems.

One more thing here. Matias is coming out with a ‘backlit’ version of this keyboard in June. If you prefer a ‘backlit’ keyboard, it might be worth waiting. I do not need a ‘backlit’ keyboard, I pretty much only use my Mac during the day. I use my iPad at night in front of the TV.


I highly recommend this keyboard. It is nice to type on and very nicely laid out. If you are looking for a wireless keyboard, you cannot go wrong with the Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard. I got my keyboard from Matias for $99. It is good quality.