Power Photos Merge

In my last article on Power Photos I covered most of it’s basic features. Today I want to take you through a sample merge of two libraries. I created these small photo libraries specifically for this purpose and deleted them when finished.


The Merge Feature

Power Photos will merge any number of photo libraries. In this test I am only using two libraries, but you can merge several if the need arises. I created two libraries named New Library 1 and New Library 2, how original. When I open the Power Photos main window these libraries automatically show up:

Click for larger image

You can see the Source and Destination libraries. I just dragged them into the appropriate windows from the sidebar. I left the Duplicate Handling turned on because I happen to know there are no duplicates in these two small libraries. When you have your merge setup completed, click on the Preview button. Power Photos shows you a preview of what you will be getting in the merge, a nice touch. Keep in mind this Preview can take a bit to produce if you have lots of photos in the merge.

Here is the Preview of my two library merge:

Click for larger image

As you can see, the “Merge” is selected in the sidebar and the Preview button is now the Merge button. When you click Merge the app does it’s thing. The first thing it does is give you a warning about backing up the “Merge Destination” just in case of problems:

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This is a great feature!! After you get through this screen the app gives you a progress bar and then the final notification of the completed Merge:

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When I opened the New Library 2 file all of the photos had been merged with no problem. Power Photos retains much of the meta data of the photos. You might want to take a look at their page on what get’s merged and what does not. It is quite informative.


If you need to merge and generally just manage several Photos App libraries I highly recommend Power Photos. It is quite sophisticated and should be able to do most of what you need.