Caps Lock Key Disable

Does anyone use the Caps Lock Key anymore? It is kind of a holdover from typewriter days. I think I may have used the Caps Lock Key once last year. But, if you type in any passwords online (doesn’t everyone?) then the Caps Lock Key could be a real pain.


Disabling Caps Lock

If you are tired of having to re-enter passwords because the Caps Lock Key was on then read on for a way to disable or re-purpose it. Open up the System Preferences window and click on the “Keyboard” Pref Pane:

Then click on the Modifier Keys button to be taken to this drop down:

Then click on the Caps Lock drop down and select from the menu:

I am choosing “No Action”, I never use that key and it will no longer interfere with anything I am doing. However, you can turn the Caps Lock Key into a duplicate of one of the other keys in the list. I don’t see the need for that, so it’s “No Action” for me.


If you are tired of the Caps Lock Key getting in the way, then just go into System Preferences and disable it. So there!