iMac SSD Upgrade

Well, I will be working on upgrading my Late 2012 iMac 27” with a new Crucial SSD drive today. I am in no rush, just going to take my time and do the take apart and install. And, of course, then the reassembly of everything.



Basically, I have decided to install a new 1 TB SSD drive in place of the Fusion drive. The overall cost is about $350. That is compared to waiting a year or so and paying about $2,000 for a new iMac 27”. I think I can get 3 years of life out of my iMac with this new SSD, so saving money in the long run. I will buy a new iMac eventually, but this is not a bad way to go since I am perfectly satisfied with my current machine.

Here is the SSD I will be installing:

Click for larger image

It is a Crucial MX-300 housed in the Newertechnology AdaptaDrive bracket. The bracket mounts in place of the 3.5” drive slot in the iMac. It is a nice piece of tech. Newertechnology makes good stuff. I will be using the iFixit repair take apart for this model iMac. Ifixit has great material.


I will let you know how this goes when I am finished. I am sure I will have an article or two about it.