Opening Documents from the Dock

If you have used macOS X for a while you probably use the Dock to open at least some applications. It is a pretty handy feature. However, you can also open documents associated with a certain application from the Dock as well.


Opening Documents

If you click on an apps icon in your Mac’s Dock it launches that app. That is easy enough. However, if you right-click (control ⌃ – click) on the apps icon you get a popup menu that is pretty handy:


This screenshot is the popup from a really excellent app called PDF Expert. The files listed in the upper portion of the popup have been recently opened by PDF Expert. If you are looking for a file you opened just a little bit ago, it will be listed there. The file listed in the middle portion of the popup is currently open. Some apps (mostly Apple stuff) are able to have several documents open at one time. All those open docs will be listed in this center section. The Text Edit app is an example of this:


As you can see, the Text Edit app has a few more options in this right-click menu. First, the prior used documents are listed in the top portion of the popup. Second is the list of all the open TextEdit documents. And third, TextEdit allows you to create a a “New Document” right from this menu.

Other applications offer different functionality from this Dock menu which is based on the type of function it performs. Here is the Dock right-click popup for Blogo:


It allows you to create a new blog post, edit the last post and a few other things. It is pretty versatile. After doing a little research I noted that most of the apps I use offer similar options from the Dock right-click menu while also offering options specific to that apps main function.


This is not exactly an epiphany, but it still might come in handy to save you a little time navigating around to find files. Hopefully it is helpful.