Mac101 – System Preferences Customization

If you have used the macOS System Preferences over the years you probably have noticed they seem to change with every new OS iteration. Some Prefs are removed, some added and some are just moved around. This can be a bit disorienting. But what if you have Preference Pane overload?


Customizing System Preference Panes

To help bring some order to the System Preferences area you may wish to remove some of them. They are still on your Mac, they just will not show in the System Preference window. Here is how you do that. Here is the System Preference window on my iMac:


If you wish to customize (remove) some of these Preferences just go to the “View” menu and choose “Customize:”


You will be presented with this window:


You can see all the Preference Panes have a checkmark. To remove one from displaying in the Pref Pane Window go ahead and uncheck it. In this case I am going to uncheck ExtFS which allows Linux drives to be displayed on a Mac:


Once you are finished unchecking some of the Pref Panes just click on “Done” at the top of the window and the Pref Panes in question will no longer be displayed:


If you wish to turn on a removed Pref Pane, go back into “Customize” and check the box next to the item.


It is pretty easy to customize your System Preference Pane area. Give it a try, it might just streamline your workflow a bit.