Yummy FTP Pro

I have used the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for years in moving files around and doing websites. FTP has been around for a long time and works quite well. Lately I had the opportunity to try an excellent FTP program, Yummy FTP Pro by Yummy Software.


Yummy FTP Pro

Yummy Software makes several different FTP related software apps. Yummy FTP Pro (hereinafter referred to as YFP) is their flagship app, it has been around for many years. I am not a super expert when it comes to FTP, but I do use it from time to time.

YFP goes for $29.99. It is worth it if you are involved in a fair mount of FTP activity. I got is on sale for $14.99. At that price I could not refuse.

When you open YFP you get a window that offers to import all your FTP addresses from several other Mac FTP apps:


This is a really nice touch. It imports the addresses seamlessly, but not from another FTP app, it imports them from where they have been saved in the Keychain! So, if you have some old FTP addresses in the Keychain they will be imported. It only takes a few minutes to remove the defunct addresses and away you go. Here is the main operating window of YFP:

Click for larger image

You may have noticed, I blocked out the Server and Username info for each on my sites. Suffice it to say, when you import YOUR addresses, that info appears in those two columns. All you have to do to connect to one of your sites is either double-click the name or select the name and click on the “Connect” button top-left of the menubar. Most of the tools in the menubar area are self-explanatory.

After you connect to your website you are presented with a window like this:

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YFP is similar to other FTP apps, you drag stuff from the your Mac (left sidebar) onto the website (right side window). If you look in the menubar in this connect window you will see you can “Pause” the FTP activity, “Delete” files, “Synchronize” folders and a few other things. YFP advertises fast upload speeds, I have only used it a couple of times and it does seem to be pretty fast.

Setting up an account manually is pretty straightforward. When you choose to “Add” an account you are presented with this window:

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It is pretty much standard FTP stuff. If you activate the FTP dropdown menu you can choose to connect in several different modes:


But wait, that’s not all! If you click on the Advanced tab in this new connect window you get these options:


I know what some of those settings are, but not all of them. Now, hold on to your FTP hats. If you click on the Misc tab you get these options:


Holy FTP Settings Batman!! This stuff is beyond my skill set when it comes to FTP. If you know what these settings are and how to use them, more power to you. Needless to say, YFP is a very sophisticated FTP app!

Yummy FTP Pro does other things as well. It has a Scheduling feature that I have yet to use and/or figure out. And, it has some type of Filtering capability. Not sure I would use either of those, but they may be worth looking into if you are one of those super sophisticated FTP people.


As of now, Yummy FTP Pro is by go to FTP app. It is very intuitive and easy to use. I really like it. At $29..99 it is not cheap, but if you even do a moderate amount of FTP work I highly recommend it.