321Soft Video Converter

I contacted the folks at 321Soft while I was working with EasySplitMerge. During our conversation they asked me to also review their Video Converter for Mac application. After working with this app for a while I see that it’s going to take more than one article to describe all that it can do.


Add Files

321Soft Video Converter for Mac (hereinafter referred to as VCM) does a lot of stuff. There are five main work areas in the program: Add Files, Download, Trim, Split and Edit. Initially I am going to cover the Add Files, Download and Split functions. I will cover the Trim and Edit functions in another article.

When you first open VCM you get this main window:

All you have to do is click “Add Files” and add one or more video files to the app. Once you add a file it will look something like this:

You can see the video that I have selected. Now, just click on the “Profile” in the bottom of the window and select what type of video format you wish to convert the file into:

Choose the video file format from the list. In this case I am going to send this file to a Windows machine so I chose “AVI”. After you have selected the format just click the big multi-colored circle to the bottom right of the window and the app converts the file:

The app converts the file. When it is finished it opens a window to the converted file, a nice touch:

VCM creates a folder in your Movies Folder and places the files you convert in there. Or, you can choose another location to store them if you wish.


Now lets take a look at the Download function. You can download a video from the Internet into the app itself or onto your hard drive. YouTube videos download very quickly, it handles YouTube very nicely. If you wish to download a YouTube video just copy the YouTube video address onto the clipboard and open the “Download” function:

There is a lot going on in the above screenshot. When you click on the “Paste URL” button it pastes the YouTube url in the window. You can import more than one video at a time. But, check out those two green icons inside the red box. The green icon on the left imports the file into the app itself for conversion. The green icon on the right imports the file into a folder of your choosing in the Finder. It is fast too.

One more thing here. Before importing a YouTube video you can set the quality by clicking on the “Setting” button:

If you do not need the “Best quality” then choose what works, keeping in mind that better quality means larger files.

VCM can download from many other video sites. Here is a partial list from their website:

The software can batch download online videos from over 200 video websites, including YouTube, Yahoo, Vimeo, Facebook, Hulu, LiveLeak, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc.


Lets say you have a rather large video file that you need to split into smaller portions. The file is already loaded. Just click on the “Split” tab and you will get a window like this:

You can split it into several pieces using minutes or just clip sizes. It splits the file quickly and places the split files into the same folder in the Finder. Now, this is important. Scroll back up to the beginning of this article and look at the second image of the main VCM window. In the bottom left hand corner you will see “Merge all files”. You can load files that have been split into the window and merge them back together again. A pretty cool feature. I haven’t tried this, but you probably could merge two completely separate files I imagine.

VCM converts more video file formats than I know existed. Here is a short list from their website:

It does not require any third-party decoder and is able to convert any video to 200+ popular video/audio formats. easily convert any video to 3D video. Whether the normal video (e.g. MP4, AVI, MPEG, F4V, M4V, WMV, MOV (Quicktime, Prores, H.264), MKV, RM, SWF, RMVB, 3GP, 3GPP, FLV, VOB, ASF, MXF, NSV, PVR, WebM, XAVC, OGV etc. or 1080i, 1080P, 720P HD video formats (e.g. AVCHD, MTS, HD TS, HD WMV, TP, TRP, MOD, TOD, HD AVI, AMV, HD FLV, M2TS, HD MOV, HD MKV, HD MPEG-4 etc.), and even 4K UHD (Raw, MXF, XAVC, H.265, etc.) video conversion.

And, it converts a bunch of Audio files as well. You can explore those on your own.


Look folks, I don’t do a ton of video conversion. I have used other video conversion apps from time to time and I can say without hesitation 321Soft Video Converter for Mac is one of the best. It is very versatile and very fast. In my next installment I will cover the Trim and Edit functions, they are somewhat more complicated.