Desk Blogging App – 2

In my previous article on the excellent Desk PM writing and blogging app I covered more of it’s overall layout and general workings. If you are only using it to write, then that is as far as you need to read. However, if you are a blogger, then read on for blog publishing.

Desk Publishing

When you first open Desk it presents a screen to add a WordPress blog. It is fairly self-explanatory so I am not going to cover that here. Once you have completed your blog article, it is time to publish it to WordPress. To do that you click on this icon in the top right corner of the Desk window:

This will slide out the publishing area. Click on the dropdown menu and select the blog:

You can just click the “Publish” button and your article will be published immediately to your blog. However, if you want to add some meta detail or schedule publishing then be sure to click on the “more options” button:

You will then be presented with these standard blogging metadata choices. Lets check these out from top to bottom. You can select the “Categories” and then enter any “Tags” you wish to be associated with this post. I don’t use a “Custom URL”, but if you do then here is where you enter it. Next is the “Schedule” option. I use scheduling all the time in my Macessence blog. I am sure other people do as well. When you click the “Schedule” option a calendar opens. Select the day and time and then be sure to click “Set Post Date”. Now, you have not published the article yet, you have just scheduled the date and time. When you are finished with that, THEN click on the “Publish” button located above the calendar. Desk publishes your article to WordPress, but it won’t be seen right then. It will be seen whenever you chose to schedule it.

One more thing here. You can preview your article while you are writing. You can use the View menu command, “Toggle Preview” and you get a typewriter looking layout. It is helpful, but it is more useful to preview your article in your blogs format. To do this you have to go into the publishing area. There is a symbol of an eye just to the left of the publish button. I had to switch from Night to Day writing mode so you can see it better:

Click that eye symbol and choose to view your post in your blogs format. When you first setup your blog, Desk PM downloads the parameters for how your blog looks so you can view your posts there to get a feel for what they look like. It brings your article up in your blogs window (not online, just on your Mac):

It is a fairly decent representation and helpful.


There are other settings and tweaks in the Desk PM app which I have chosen not to cover here. Just get the app and play with it yourself. If you are looking for a good writing and blogging app, look no further than Desk PM. At $19.99 it will not break the bank and is worth a test drive.