EasySplitMerge 2

In my last article I covered how to use the EasySplitMerge app to split a very large file into several smaller files for emailing or whatever. Today I want to conclude this review taking a look at the merge feature in this app.


Merge File With ESM

There are two ways to merge files received from ESM. If you and the other person(s) have ESM then just open the app. But, this time you are going to select “Merge splitted files”. When you do that this window will appear:

Just navigate to the folder containing the split files and click on “Start to merge”:

When it is finished, ESM will give you this drop down:

Click on “Find merged file” and you will be taken to a window that looks something like this:

It renames the file, but you can rename it to anything you like. I tested this merged file and it works just fine.

As mentioned earlier, when you splite a large file you can have ESM create a small app called “Self Uniting app”:

If the person on the other end does not possess ESM they can double-click on this little app and get this window:

Just click on the “Merge” button and the split files are merged. This “Self Uniting app” resides in the folder with the split file parts so you don’t have to go looking for anything. Just go into the folder and double-click the “Self Uniting app” and you are good to go.

So far I have only tried to split and merge a video .mov file and a .zip file. They both worked great with no problems.

So, how could you use this app? Well, sending large files via email is the obvious way of course. If you had a really, really large file you could split it and put the pieces on DVD’s and send those to a person. Or, perhaps is might be effective sending files via FTP or through some other cloud service. Sometimes these services will “time out” trying to send an extremely large file. I am sure you can think of other ways as well.


If you only send large files occasionally or fairly frequently, EasySplitMerge is worth the money. It works seamlessly. It can save you a lot of grief trying to get a very large file to other people. There is a free trial version. Give it a test drive. I think you will like it.