On occasion I have need of sending a very large file to someone. Usually this involves attaching it to an email. Email services have differing maximum sizes for email attachments so if you are trying to send a really large file you are up a creek.


Splitting Large Files With ESM

Enter a really nice little program called EasySplitMerge by 321soft.com. I am going to refer to this app as ESM. So, ESM is a one horse band. It allows you to split very large files into smaller ones. You can then attach those smaller files to emails and send them (a bit cumbersome, but at least you are getting the file there). It includes a small little app called “Self Uniting” to allow the other person on the other end to merge the smaller files back into the original larger one. This is for people that do not have the ESM app on their Mac.

Here is what the start window looks like in ESM:

You just click on the “Split file” button and you get this next window:

Click on the “Browse” button, navigate to and select the file you wish to split. I did not have any tremendously large files at this time so I just selected a short video file of 69 MB.

Once you have selected your file you need to move down in this window to select certain settings:

First, you can choose to split the original file into equal numbers. In my case I chose 2. But, you can also choose to split the file into equal MB sizes as well. It is your choice. You can save the split files into the same folder or another location. If the person your are sending or giving these files to does NOT have ESM on their end then be sure to check “Add Self-Uniting Functionality”. When the file has been split you will receive this drop down message:

If you click on “Find splitted files” you will be taken to the folder where the files are located.

You can see the two split files. You can also see the Self Uniting app, more on that in the next article.


Since this is a pretty inolved process I have decided to cover merging files in my next installment. I have only used EasySplitMerge a couple of times so far. It seems to work great. It is very fast. It costs $19.95, but I got it on sale at MacUpdate for $11.95. If you send large files frequently or even moderately frequently I think the full price is worth it.