This may not be for the masses, but then again you might find it comes in handy. I am talking about a really helpful program called KeyCue by ergonis. You may not be much of a keyboard command person, but read on anyway, there might be some keyboard commands you find useful here.



Some people use keyboard shortcuts on their Macs almost exclusively. Some people don’t use them at all, preferring to use the Mouse or Trackpad exclusively. Some people like me use both. Enter a really fun and sometimes just plain helpful app called KeyCue by ergonis. Here is how ergonis describes KeyCue:

KeyCue helps you to use your Mac OS X applications more effectively by displaying a concise table of all currently available menu shortcuts.
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It displays a table of the available shortcuts in the application you are using. To access this menu you can either click on the menu bar icon or just hold down the Command ⌘ Key on your keyboard. Here is the KeyCue display for the Path Finder app:

Click for larger image

You will need to click on this image for a larger version to actually read the entries. As you can see, Path Finder has a ton of keyboard shortcuts. KeyCue always displays the System and Macros shortcuts available for each app as well.

So, you can look through these Menu Shortcuts if you are searching for a specific command or just to learn something. If you find a command you wish to try just click on it:

Click for larger image

If you are a keyboard person, use your keyboard to perform the command. If you are more of a mouse person that is using KeyCue to learn new things then just click on the command in question and it will be performed.

How I Use KeyCue

Sometimes I just like to see what shortcuts are available in certain apps. I memorize some of these if I use them enough. Other times I want to see if an app can do a certain thing. If I find a keyboard shortcut for it, then I know it can perform that menu function. Other times I know an app will do a certain function so I use KeyCue to find the shortcut and click on it to perform it.

One more thing to cover here. As you saw in the screenshots, KeyCue shows the keyboard shortcuts for the System. I use a Mouse or Trackpad to perform most of my System activities. However, once in a while it is just easier to open KeyCue, find the correct function and let KeyCue perform it.


KeyCue is a fun app and can be helpful once you learn what it can do. I would not say it was a necessity by any means, but if you are into keyboard shortcuts or just want to learn more about what your apps are capable of then it might be just the thing. It costs €19 Euros and is available from the ergonis website.