Move Events Between Calendars

If you use Apple’s Calendar app extensively then you probably have several different calendars. I have created four different calendars for different purposes. I find that sometimes I put events on the wrong calendar and need to move them. Here is how you do that.

Moving Calendar Events

Moving events in your Calendar app is pretty straightforward. Lets use this calendar as an example:

I have entered several “Test Events” here. All you have to do to move an event or several events to another calendar is Command ⌘ click on each one to select them all:

Then, right-click on any one of them and select the new calendar destination like so:

Once you do that, the events are moved over to the new calendar:

If is as simple as that. By the way, if you use the excellent BusyCal app to do your calendaring it pretty much works just the same. Although, BusyCal offers you a few more choices of what to do with the events.


Moving calendar events to different calendars is easy and intuitive. Hopefully, this will save you some time.