Preview PDF Cropping

These days I pretty much use PDF Expert to manage and handle all my PDF needs. However, I use Apple’s Preview app to open graphics and yes, I still use it for PDF’s on occasion. With this in mind, have you ever needed just certain portions of a PDF? Here is a way to extract a portion of a PDF for further use.

PDF Cropping

I am just going to use this PDF file of woodworking plans. Here is the file open in Preview:

In this case I want to extract that chart at the bottom of the window. First, open the “Markup” toolbar, then click on the “Rectangular Selection” tool. Drag it around the area you wish to extract:

Now just go to the Edit menu and select “Copy” and then the File menu and select “New From Clipboard” and you end up with this:

Now you have your information extracted to it’s own file. Just save this new file to wherever on your HD and away you go.

I am sure you can figure several ways to use this type of functionality. I can think of one way right off the top of my head. Several emails that I receive (purchase receipts?) have stuff that I need to save. They usually have all kinds of ads and other garbage information included. If the email is important enough, I can use this extraction method to copy out the needed information and get rid of all the junk. I am sure there are other ways to use this feature.

By the way, I was able to perform this procedure in PDF Expert using the very same process. Just a FYI for you PDF Expert people.


Sometimes the Preview app is kind of dismissed as not useful. However, it has more features than most people realize. PDF cropping is just one of them.