Safari Tabs

I suppose most people that use the Safari web browser know how to use the Tabs feature. However, I thought I would go over Tabs just a bit. It is a very nice feature if you view many web pages or sets of web pages during the day.

Safari Tabs

You can open a Safari Tab by going to File, New Tab or by pressing Command ⌘ + “T” on your keyboard. A tabbed Safari window looks like this:

You can see the Tabs across the top of the window. You can close a Tab by clicking the small “x” in each Tab. Another way to add a Tab is to click the “plus” symbol on the right side of the browser window.

If you like Tabs you can take things a step further. Go into the Safari Preferences and select the “Tabs” icon:

You can set Safari to open pages in Tabs “Automatically”. You can set Command ⌘ – click to open a link in a Tab.

Here are a few more things with Tabs. You can change the order of your Tabs by dragging them right and left in the Tab order. You can also drag off a Tab to your Desktop creating a separate browser window.

One last thing on Tabs. You can open “Sets” of web pages in tabs. You just need to place a set of web pages in a folder and then use the “Open in New Tabs” command:

I use this feature quite a bit when surfing Mac news or a specific topic. It is pretty handy.


Tabbed browsing has proven itself to be pretty handy. It is great for a heavy Safari user.