Check Your Printers Webpage

Sometimes your printers Default settings do not coincide with how you want things to work. In that case you need to change the printers “Default” settings. One way to do that is to login to your printers settings using a web interface. Here is how that is done.


HP Officejet Pro 8610

This feature does not work on all printers. Your printer has to have this capability built into the printer software. In my case, my Canon MF220 Series Laser Printer does not have this ability, but my HP Officejet Pro 8610 does. To access your printers web page you need to go into the Printer Preferences area:


Once inside the Printers & Scanners area just select your printer:


And then click on “Options & Supplies”, you will be taken to this screen:


Click on “Show Printer Webpage” and you will be taken to the web interface for your particular printer:

Click for larger image

As you can see your printer is listed. The printer needs an “Embedded Web Server” for this to work. There are all kinds of settings in here specific to your printer model.

When I login to my HP web page it defaults to the Network settings for some reason, but this is the main Home page of the web interface:

Click for larger image

There are all kinds of settings in here for your to check and tweak. Here is a case in point. My HP 8610 defaults to two-sided printing:


I understand the paper savings and all that, but quite often I do not wish to print in this mode. I got tired of turning that off everytime. So, I went into the webpage interface, found the setting and changed it from 1 to 2 sided to 1 to 1 sided like so:

Click for larger image

I clicked the dropdown and selected the 1 sided setting. Then I clicked “Apply” and all was well.


There are lots of other settings you can check in the web interface of your printer. Even if you do not wish to make any changes, it would not hurt to take a look around in there.