CuteClips 3

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away I used a fun little clipboard app called CuteClips. I don’t remember why I moved away from it. I have been researching clipboard apps a bit and have decided to start using CuteClips again. I am glad I did.


Clipboard Apps

There are tons of clipboard apps on the Mac platform. I have used various ones over the years. If you have a fairly heavy Mac workflow, clipboard apps can be a real time saver. They are just a great way to move and manipulate data in the macOS. A search in the Mac App Store returns bunches of clipboard related applications:

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This is just a partial representation of what my search revealed. This page goes down about 10 more rows!

As far as I am concerned, I will always use a clipboard manager app. They are just so useful. So, lets take a look at what I am using these days, CuteClips 3.

CuteClips 3

CuteClips 3 is purchased exclusively from their website for $15. If you do any amount of clipboard activity it is worth it. They send you a license graphic, no serial number. You have to drag the graphic (in this case a jpeg file) into the registration area in Preferences:


Next, it is a good idea to go to the “General” Tab in Preferences and setup a few things. I changed the Hotkey to Control ⌃ + “C”. You can change it to anything you like. You can also activate CuteClips from an icon in the Menu Bar (it looks like a paperclip, go figure).

When you activate CuteClips 3 it has several clip texts in it’s list that describe some of the apps functionality. You can resize the app window to contain more clips. When the window runs out of space the oldest clip is deleted. I you would like to retain certain clips to use over and over again you can make them into “Sticky Clips:”


“Sticky Clips” are not deleted automatically, they are saved. If you look at the above clip you see an “x” and “paper” symbol next to it. If you click the “x” the clip is deleted manually. If you click on the “paper” symbol, you can rename the clip, a good idea for “Sticky Clips:”


You can assign a Shortcut to a clip:


Just select the clip and assign the Shortcut from the menu below:


So, Shortcuts do save you a little bit of time. CuteClips needs to be activated for Shortcuts to work.

CuteClips 3 does other things. You can download a 15 day trial to see if it works for you. There is no cost to try it out.


I really like this little clipboard app. It is intuitive and powerful enough for my clipboard management needs. It works just fine in macOS Sierra 10.12.4. I had a question for the developer which was answered promptly. It is supported. I urge you to try it, I think you will like it.