Enabling Trim Support

In my previous article on the excellent Mac utility app Disk Sensei, I covered the Trim feature for SSD’s. Since I upgraded the internal drive on my iMac to a Crucial SSD I decided to see if I could use Disk Sensei (formerly known as Trim Enabler) to turn on Trim for this drive.


Enabling Trim

My new Crucial SSD has been running great in my Late 2012 iMac. It certainly has sped things up a bit. After it was installed for a few weeks I decided to enable the Trim feature. To do that with Disk Sensei you go into the Tools area:


All you have to do is click the “On” slider. Disk Sensei will tell you to Restart your Mac. After the Restart, Trim is enabled on your machine:


Now, lets go back to the Tools window in Disk Sensei for a second. If you look at the bottom portion of the window you see “Manual Trim:”

Manual Trim

Once you have finished setting up Trim on your internal SSD, Disk Sensei allows you to manually trim the drive. However, when you click on that button it gives you this warning:


In my opinion, I do not think it is worth it to manually trim the disk. The Trim command will clean things up over time automatically, so I say just ignore the manual feature. It is enough to have Trim activated, just let it do it’s work.


There are all kinds of discussions online about the Trim feature. I think it is good to have it turned on for your internal SSD. However, many external drives do not allow it, YMMV.