Pause & Resume Downloads

There are all kinds of things you can do in the Safari web browser. It is a pretty sophisticated app. One of those things is to Pause and Resume file downloads. No big deal, but it can be pretty handy if you need to do other things or if you are on a slow network connection.


Pause & Resume Downloads

If you are downloading a file in the Safari web browser you can monitor it’s progress in the “Show Downloads” icon upper-right corner of the browser window:


If you click on that you can pause the download by clicking the “X”:


When you pause the download, Safari presents the orange resume button:


If you click the resume button, the download resumes to completion. If the download is paused, you can stop it completely by clicking the Clear button.

Here are a couple of comments on this process. Why would anyone want to pause a download anyway? If you are on a low network you may need the bandwidth to complete another task. Once the task is complete you can resume the download. Also, the download itself (including pause and resume) will work even if you leave the webpage where it originated. That is pretty handy. You can start something downloading and then move on to other web surfing while it downloads.

By the way, I tried this in Google Chrome. The download window in Google Chrome is in the bottom left-hand corner of the browser window. It has a popup menu to choose pause and resume.


This is no big deal of course. But, if you have never really looked at the Show Downloads window, then this info might be helpful.