Print To PDF From iOS

You can print to a PDF file from just about any app on your iPhone. Why would you want to do that? Well, you might want to text or email part of a document to someone. Or, perhaps you would like to text or email part of a web page. The options are limitless. Here is how it is done.


Print To PDF

I am going to use the Macessence website open in Safari for this test. You start by tapping the Share icon at the bottom of the window:


That takes you to the sharing window. Depending on where your printer icon is located, you may have to scroll to the right a little. Tap on the Print icon


and you will be taken to a window similar to this one:


Now, here is what you do next. You are going to use what I call a reverse pinch move with your fingers. Place your index finger and thumb together in the middle of that small web page window and open them outward. This expands the document:


Next, you tap on the Share icon again at the bottom of the page and then choose how you want to share that PDF document:


In this case, I chose to send a PDF of an article on my website via the Messages app. Here is how that looks:


Yes, this is a little convoluted. The best part is you don’t need a third party PDF app to do this. You can do this right within iOS.


If you need to send information from your iPhone or Pad this is a nice way to do it. PDF (Portable Document Format) is really the best way to get information to others. It is convenient that you can do this on your iOS devices.