Search Browser History

I do this all the time. I go to a webpage researching something and then I need to remember that webpage again at a later time. Of course, I cannot remember how I got there in the first place, so I have to do the search all over again. However, there is an easier way!!


Web Browser History

It is much easier to just search your web browser history. Here is how you do that in Apple’s Safari web browser. First, go to the History Menu and select Show All History:


Safari will produce a window looking similar to this:


You may just see what you are looking for outright. If you don’t see it right a way then click in the Search box and type your search terms. Safari will produce a list of websites that match your search criteria.

Now, if you have your other Mac/iOS devices synced through iCloud then you are searching the web browser history of those other devices as well. If you are not sure if you are syncing Safari browser items with other devices then go into the iCloud Pref Pane and make sure this box is checked:


Once you have that Safari box checked, your bookmarks (and browsing history) is synced with your other devices.


So, lets all be more efficient and search our browser history for those long forgotten websites that we have been to, but cannot remember their names or addresses.