Webpage Search

I do lots of searching of websites for various things, especially for the Macessence blog. Sometimes when I get to a website, the page or pages I am searching contain an overwhelming amount of information. If this is you, then there is a way to find what you are looking for on these types of webpages.


Safari Search

The Safari web browser has a feature that allows you to search within a web page. To activate it you go to the Edit menu and select “Find”:


And then select “Find” in the sub-menu. Or, you can just hit Command ⌘ + “F” on your keyboard. This will bring up the Safari search box:

Click for larger image

Now, type in the search term and Safari locates it on the page like so:

Click for larger image

You can scan down the page for what was found. By the way, I tried this in Google Chrome and it works the same way. The Edit menus are the same and Command ⌘ + “F” works exactly the same.


This is not exactly an earth shattering discovery, but it may come in handy to prevent information overload on websites with copious amounts of data.