Accessibility Zoom

There are all kinds of settings in the Accessibility Preference Pane. One that I use from time to time is the “Zoom” feature. If you eyes are not too good, or if you just need to zoom in to examine a pixel area in a photo, then “Zoom” can come in handy.


The Zoom Feature

There are bunches of settings in the Zoom feature. You access it through the Accessibility Preference Pane:


Once you are in the Accessibility area click on “Zoom” in the left sidebar which will display various options:


I use the Keyboard Shortcuts as well as the Scroll Gesture just below that. My primary use for the Zoom feature is to read smaller text on various websites or in PDF documents.

If you look at the bottom of the window, you see “Zoom Style.” There are two choices here, Fullscreen or Picture-in-Picture:


The Fullscreen mode just zooms everything on the screen larger. However, if you wanted to focus in on a specific area then you would use Picture-inPicture. I had to use a snapshot from a screen recording to demonstrate how it works. I am just holding down the Control Key ⌃ while using the scroll wheel on my mouse:


As I said, if you are just zooming into a specific area this works pretty well.

More Settings

There are a few more settings that allow you to tweak your Zoom to your hearts content. If you click on the “Options” button right next to Fullscreen mode you get a window where you can make several adjustments:

Fullscreen Adjustments

If you click on “Options” while in Picture-in-Picture you get a little different adjustment window:

Picture Adjustments

Pay special attention to the “Adjust Size and Location” button in this window. If you click on this button you can adjust the size of the Picture-in-Picture frame that you use to zoom certain areas of the screen.


Accessibility Zoom is a pretty handy feature. I do not need to use it a lot, but when I do it really comes in handy.