Chrome Browser Reader View

So, the title of this article is, ‘Chrome Browse Reader View.’ I am here to tell you there ain’t none! One of the things I liked about Safari was Reader View which put web pages into readable paragraph form. Chrome does not have this feature, but there is a way to get Reader View in Google Chrome.


Reader View

There are always tradeoffs when you switch from one browser to another. Each has it’s own strengths. Overall, Google Chrome is my goto browser going forward. But, it is missing a handy Safari feature called Reader View. Here is what Apple says about Reader View:

View news stories and other articles in a layout that’s optimized for easy reading. Reader lets you focus on the text without being distracted by ads. You can customize your view by selecting your font size and style, and choose Sepia and Night themes.
– via Apple

For certain websites it really does come in handy, a real time saver. However, Reader View is not built into Chrome (they are working on implementing it though). The thing to do with Chrome if you don’t have a certain feature is look to it’s Extension capability.

Chrome Reader View

My research online revealed several Chrome Extensions that add Reader View. Mercury Reader received good reviews. To add an Extension in Chrome just go into the Preferences area under the Chrome Menu and select Extensions:

Click for larger image

You will be taken to a page with tons of Extensions. In this case, I knew from research that Mercury Reader got good reviews:

Click for larger image

I located and installed it. Extension usually installing seamlessly in the Chrome browser.

Now, here is a sample page from an article on the Macessence website:

Click for larger image

The Mercury Reader icon is in the upper right corner of the page with the other Extensions. If you cannot see it, just click to enlarge the image for a clearer view. Once I click on the Mercury Reader Extension, it renders the above web page thusly:

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The page becomes much more readable. The change into Reader View on some pages is much more dramatic than this one. The bottomline is that it is really handy for pages with a lot of text, but you wish to remove the ads and other extraneous material.


Setting up some type of Reader View in Google Chrome is a piece of cake. However, Chrome is supposed to have this feature in the near future. I will be interested to see how well it is implemented.