Chrome vs Safari

OK, I have had it! I am totally finished with the Safari web browser! Yes, it is decent enough, but it is just so sloooowww!! I have used other browsers from time to time, but only as a stop gap to access certain web pages. No more! I am making the switch. Here is where I ended up.


Google Chrome

I talked to some tech friends and they all switched to Google Chrome a while ago. So, I guess I am just a little behind the times. Old habits die hard, etc etc. I know some of you have made the switch long ago so please just bear with me here. I have used several different browsers along side of Safari over the years. The one I liked the best is Google Chrome. It is a nice piece of software.

The Switch

The switch was not too difficult, I just imported my Safari bookmarks in Chrome. I thought it was a good time to do bookmark cleanup. It was easy in Chrome’s Bookmark’s Manager:

Click for larger image

All you have to do is click on the folder you wish to work in and sort through the bookmarks in the right-hand column. The easiest way to do this is click on the “Organize” dropdown at the top of the list and choose “Reorder by Title”:

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Once the sites are sorted alphabetically, it is super easy to go through and delete ones you no longer need.

Main Window

Google Chrome has all the bells and whistles Safari does and then some. Here is a look at the main window:

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It has tabbed browsing. You can have a “Bookmarks Bar”, I am not using one at this time. In the upper right corner are the Extensions, just like Safari. Let me just say, there are tons of Extensions for Chrome, just bunches of them. I was pleased that Developers made all the same Extensions I was using in Safari, for Chrome. That made for a nice transition.

There are other things I could go over in this section, but suffice it to say Chrome has all the usual features. Some of them are located in different places and a few of the keyboard commands are different which takes some getting used to. However, it only took me about one day to get up to speed.


I don’t know where to begin with Chrome’s Settings. There are bunches of them. They are laid out differently than Safari’s, but everything you need is there:

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You just scroll down the page and tweak settings to your hearts content. One of those settings is fonts, you can tell Chrome what fonts to use to draw pages. In the above image I pointed out the Google Account Signin. If you have a Google Account (who doesn’t?) you can sign into it right here. If you do, then Chrome will sync your bookmarks and settings with Chrome on your iPad and iPhone. You can see the other versions of Chrome if they are running by using the “Tool Menu” in the upper right corner of the browser window (the three vertical dots):

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You can also access our Bookmarks from the “Tools Menu” if you do not wish to use the “Bookmarks Bar” (nice if you don’t have a lot of vertical screen real estate):

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There are a lot of other features to access in the “Tools Menu” including the “Settings” area.

There are just nice little features here and there that make Google Chrome a pleasure to use. You can be looking through a list of bookmarks and see one that you wish to get rid of, just right-click on it and choose “Delete”. That is totally cool. Another cool feature is “People”. If you have more than one person using your Mac and also using Chrome you can add other people’s Google Accounts to the app. That way they can switch to their Google Account and have all their own bookmarks and settings. That is a very convenient and powerful feature let me tell you.

However, despite all these great features and Chrome’s ease of use, the bottomline is speed! Chrome is twice as fast as Safari. Gone are the days of me waiting for Safari to resolve some DNS thing on a website. Chrome is very fast and I “feel the need for speed!”

There is a lot more good stuff in Google Chrome, but the best way to go here is just download and install Chrome and dig in! It is an easy app to learn.


If you only use a web browser occasionally on your Mac, I would say just stay with Safari. However, if you spend a lot of time on the Web, I highly recommend switching to Google Chrome, if you haven’t already.