Google Chrome People

I am still totally jazzed about my switch to the Google Chrome web browser. Recently, I delved into the People feature of this app. I think I mentioned it in my previous article on Chrome. It is pretty cool, lets take a look at it.

People In Chrome

The Chrome web browser allows you to have more than one Account. This means you can have separate sets of Bookmarks and Settings. This works pretty well if more than one person in your household is using Chrome and you wish to have it setup separately with a different set of Bookmarks and Settings. Of course, if people have their own account on the Mac, then this procedure is not necessary. However, if you are like a lot of people and you all use the same account on the Mac, then this procedure might work for you. If you are considering doing this, here is what you need to do.

Add Person

First, go into your Preferences area under People and click on Add person:


This presents the Add Person window with some choices:


You can choose an icon for their account. Then, you have to name the account the way you wish it to appear in the “People” list in Chrome. Now, check out that little checkbox in the bottom left side of this window. If you are setting up an account for a minor, Chrome allows you to control and manage that account. That is a very nice touch in my opinion. The World Wide Web is a great resource, but it does pose some dangers, especially to children.

Once you click the “Add” button the new person is presented with the option of signing into their own Google account:


If you do not wish to do this or they do not have one then just click “No thanks” and you are taken to a new browser window for that account. You can have several accounts open at one time, they each operate in their own browser window.

Person Setup

Once you have the account added to Chrome you can change Settings and add Bookmarks for that account. To change Settings, make sure the browser window for the new account is selected, then just go into the Preferences area and change settings to your hearts content. To add Bookmarks from another browser you have to go into the Settings area and select the new Person in the People area:


Just click on the new Person in the People list and then click on “Import bookmarks and settings.” You will be presented with the import window:


Once you have selected the import source, click “Import” and Chrome brings the Settings and Bookmarks into the new account:


Now, all you have to do to access the new account is select it from the “People” menu and Chrome opens a new browser window operating in that account:


As long as that browser window is front and center, you are operating in that account. Let me make a couple of observations here. If you quit Chrome with more than one account open, it will open all the accounts when you bootup Chrome again. If there is only one account open, Chrome opens back up to that account. A word of caution here. If you have multiple accounts (Persons) setup in Chrome, you must take notice when you start it up. You cannot just open Chrome and start surfing, it may not be operating in your account. So, take a minute to make sure you are working in your account before proceeding.


Google Chrome is a very sophisticated web browser. The ability to have multiple accounts is a very cool feature. It makes Chrome the browser for the whole household.