Moom Keyboard Controls

I have been using the Moom window controller app for quite a while now. They keep updating it and I keep liking it more and more. I wanted to cover a couple more of it’s Preferences that I have just started using. I highly recommend reading my first article on Moom to get the most out of this current article.


Moom Keyboard Controls

There are different ways to activate the Moom window controller app using a mouse or trackpad. But, if you are somewhat adverse to using those devices and are used to keyboard shortcuts then you are in luck with Moom. If you go into the Moom Preferences under the “Keyboard” tab you can setup a way to trigger Moom using your keyboard:

Moom Keyboard

In my case I assigned the Option ⌥ and “C” keys to activate Moom. If you look in the lower part of the above window you will see all the things Moom can do. What I typically use is “centering” an app window. I have several different app window configurations in my Moom setup:

Moom Setup

They come in handy in my daily workflow. However, if I know I am going to be in one of these specific apps for quite a while, I like to move it to the center of the Mac screen. Instead of dragging the app with a mouse I would hit Option ⌥ “C” and then tap the “Space Bar”. The selected app is immediately centered on the screen according with the setup in my first screen image above.

By the way, when you keyboard activate Moom you get this menu on your screen:

Moom Menu

When I first started using this feature in Moom I had to stop and look at these choices. Since I only use a couple of them, it was easy to memorize them. I don’t really stop and look at this menu any longer, I just hit the appropriate keyboard commands.

There is one more thing I want to mention here. If you click on the “Custom” tab you will be taken to your window arrangements. You can assign a keyboard command for each of them. For example, to activate the “Chrome – Airmail” setup using the keyboard, I would hit Option ⌥ – “C” and then the letter “Z”. If you have not memorized this setting, you can see it at the bottom of the menu that pops up on your screen:

Moom Menu Bottom

Now you may be saying, “I think it is easier to just use a mouse and click on the Moom menu in the menu bar of the macOS.” Perhaps that is true, but some people just are not mouse people for whatever reason (sometimes health reasons). I probably use a mouse to activate Moom the majority of the time, but I do use these keyboard commands as well. They really are handy.


Moom really enhances your workflow in my opinion. It costs $10 and is worth way more than that. If you need help with app window manipulation in your daily workflow, I really recommend Moom.