Mountain Preferences

In my last article I went over how the Mountain App Interface worked. It is a nice little program fro unmounting and remounting external hard drives on your Mac. Today, lets take a look at the multitude of Preferences available in Mountain.


Mountain Preferences

For being a ‘one horse band’, Mountain has a bunch of preferences. Here is the General window:


I want to point out a couple of things in the General Section. You can set Mountain to “Launch at Login”, which is good. However, check out the dropdown menu under File Manager. If you click on that dropdown you can select from any file manager you are using. In my case, it offered the macOS Finder or Path Finder. Since I use Path Finder most of the time, I chose it. That is a very thoughtful feature folks. There are a few other settings in this section with which you can experiment.

The Alerts Preference Section is pretty self-explanatory:


You can choose to use Growl instead of the Notification Center.

There are even more settings in the Advanced Preference Section:


I like that you can tell Mountain to see the Superdrive as an external volume and then use that to Eject DVD’s. Since I use an external Samsung Superdrive, I consider that to be a very handy feature.

The last Preference Section I want to mention is Customize. Here is a look at the Customize Section:


Look at this section carefully. See that top feature in the list? I am hoping that particular setting my help with the USB 3.0 unmount problems in the macOS. As you can see, I have my external Photos drive selected in the list and setup with “Prevent unmount.” I have not been using this app long enough to know if that will solve the issue. I will keep you posted for sure.


I think we have covered the Mountain App pretty thoroughly. As far as I am concerned, for a whopping $5.99 you cannot go wrong. The Mountain website states you can get the app in the Mac App Store or their website, but the website one is more current. That is where I got my version.