Website Notifications

When web browsers first implemented Notifications from websites I thought it was a pretty cool deal. Since that time I have moderated my view a bit. If you use website notifications or not, or would just like to turn them off, then read on my friend.


Safari Notifications

Website Notifications occur when you visit a website and it asks you if you would like to subscribe to push notifications from their site. If you do, then you get notifications of whatever is posted on their website that they deem noteworthy. The notifications appear in the Notifications area in the right side of your display. To control notifications in Safari go into the Preferences area and then click on the Notifications Tab:

Safari Notifications

You can check the box to “Allow” websites to ask permission to send push notifications. That is the way I have mine set, but I “Allow” very few notifications. More on that in a minute. If you have allowed a notification and just want to turn it off you can click on the “Deny” button in the window. Lastly, if you wish to remove a notification just select it and click the “Remove” button, bottom-left corner of the window.

Google Chrome Notifications

Google Chrome handles notifications similar to Safari. You have to go into the Preferences (Settings) area, scroll to the bottom of the window and click on “Show Advanced Settings:”


Once in this area, continue to scroll down to the “Privacy” area and click on “Content settings”


In this window, scroll down to the “Notifications” area and set it up whatever way you like:


I also have this setup to “Ask” from the websites. You could turn them off altogether and allow everything if you wish.

As previously mentioned, I used to add all kinds of notifications from websites when this feature was a novelty. However, since that time I rarely ever allow notifications. To me, they just became a nuisance.


If you need to receive notifications from certain websites the have at it. But, I have so much going on in my workflow I just find that they are a distraction. About the only thing I allow notifications from these days is email.