Antnotes Sticky Notes

I received an email add for a sticky notes app the other day. That got me to thinking about having a “sticky note” app on my Desktop. After all, I use Post-it Notes all the time. I did some research on the App Store and found a very sophisticated app called Antnotes by AntLogic Software.



Antnotes costs $2.99 from the Apple App Store. They have a free version that has somewhat stripped down features. For $2.99, just buy the full version. It is worth it. As previously stated, AntNotes is a sticky note app that is very customizable. It keeps an icon in the Menu Bar. You can also show or hide a Dock icon if you wish. Here is the main window of a note on my Desktop:

Antnotes Main Window

You can resize the window by dragging on the corners or sides. You can “X” out (close) the window in the upper-left corner. If you click on the gear symbol upper-right corner you get a very handy menu:

AntNotes Menu

As you can see, you can do all kinds of stuff from this menu from changing the font color to the background of the note. You can save notes externally in “RTF” (Rich Text Format) file format. If you use the “Delete” command your note is gone. However, if you just “X” out of the note, just close the note, then it is saved in the “Manage Notes” area:

Manage Notes

This is a pretty cool feature. If you wanted to “reopen” a note, it is listed right here. Of course, you can select a note in this window and “Delete” it as well.

Here are a few more features of Antnotes. If you click on the “Push Pin” at the top of the note it makes it a “Floating Note” that stays above other windows:

Floating Note

You can drag text from a web browser onto the Menu Bar icon of Antnotes and it will create a new note with that text. I got this text from a Mac website:


You can also drag audio files and images into an already existing note. Lastly, here is the Preferences window for the app:


There are lots of ways to setup the app. I just want to point out a couple of things. First, look at the little slider in the middle of the window. Antnotes dims itself when it is not being used. You can set the amount of time before it does it’s dimming. I kind of like that feature, the app sits on your Desktop, but it is not in your face.

The second thing I wanted to mention was the notes position drop down. You can set where you want your new notes to open. This is a nice touch. I looked at some other notes apps and they open any where on the Desktop. My new Antnotes open in the Bottom left corner of the screen, out of the way but right there to be used.

If you go to this page there is a list of things Antnotes can do. I have covered some of them and not others. It is a good overview of the app.


If you are a Post-it Notes person you might consider getting this nicely appointed little app. It is not expensive and is very handy.