Antnotes To-Do Lists

Since I am reviewing apps by Antnotes I thought I would consider there To-Do Lists app. Again, this is another one-horse-band. It costs $4.99 at the App Store. I think it is quite handy, allow me to show you around.


To-Do Lists Overview

To-Do Lists sits on your Desktop wherever you place them. You can hide them and then activate them with a keyboard command. Here is what the lists look like:

To-Do Lists

You add an item by clicking the plus symbol or hitting Return. You can create a brand new list by clicking Command ⌘ + “N”. If you click on the title of the list you can rename it. If you double-click the title bar in the list it will scroll up, just leaving the title. Nice if you wish to get it out of the way, but not hide it.

You can set an alarm on a To Do item. This is very cool. If you scroll your mouse over a To Do item a small alarm symbol appears to the right:


Click on the alarm symbol and you get this dropdown menu:

Alarm Menu

This is awesome. So many To Do items are attached to a time limit aren’t they? So, you can setup an alarm for your To Do. I like it.

There are other things I could point out here, lets take a look at the Preferences for To-Do Lists. There are many of them.

To-Do Lists Preferences

I cannot cover every Preference to this app. I will just show you the basics. Here is the General Tab:


You can do a lot of the usual things here like run the app at startup. I also don’t show the app icon in the Dock, the Menu Bar icon is sufficient for me.

You can adjust the way the To Do lists look in the Appearance Tab:


The Appearance Tab is fairly self-explanatory. The Controls Tab covers some keyboard shortcuts:


The Behavior Tab offers settings for how your lists act:


You can export your To Do list as an RTF file using the settings in the Export Tab:



Finally, your can use the Sync Tab to sync with Apple’s Reminders and or Dropbox:


I guess I could go over each of these settings in the Preferences area, but I think you can figure most of them out for yourselves. Needless to say, To-Do Lists is a pretty sophisticated app for just doing one thing.

So, why would you use both Antnotes To-Do Lists and the Post-it Note version. You don’t have to, but here is what I do. I use To-Do Lists to flesh out things I need to do during the day or week. If I have a major project I use the excellent Things app from culturedcode. If I just need to jot down some information that comes my way for further reference I use the Post-it Note app by Antnotes. You may wish to use one or either of these apps, they work pretty well.


The To-Do Lists app is a helpful addition to my daily workflow. It keeps me organized along with the Antnotes Notes app. They don’t cost much, I say just give them a try.