Macintosh Longevity

The Macintosh computer has always been famous for it’s build quality resulting in great longevity. If you are into the latest and greatest technology, that is not an issue. If you buy a Mac and keep it for several years like me, that is great.


Mac Longevity

If you need the very latest technology in your Mac then the longevity issues is a non-issue. The upside for you then is, Macs have a good resale value. You can sell a 2-3 year old Mac for a good price which will help finance your new one. If you are like me, you buy a Mac and keep it anywhere from 5-7 years. I am currently working on my Late 2012 iMac 27”. This machine came with a Fusion drive. To extend the longevity of my iMac I separated the Fusion drive and installed a 1TB Crucial SSD in place of the spinning hard drive. I figure this will get me a couple more years out of this machine. It should be able to run the current macOS for at least 2 more years, maybe 3.

This is what it looks like, it is the first iMac with the thin bezel around the edge, the one with the screen glass glued to the chassis:


The good thing about keeping older Macs is Apple’s macOS. So far, they have designed the OS to work for about 7 years on older Macs. Machines that are older than that usually cannot run the latest macOS. Case in point, my old 24” 2008 iMac. When I upgraded to a new machine, I gave this old iMac to my grandkids. It is 9 years old. They still use it!! If has a more square form factor:

I have upgraded the spinning hard drive a couple of times, it really could use an SSD. Here is the deal, the machine is too old to run macOS Sierra. I have upgraded it as far as it can go to macOS 10.11 El Capitan. My grandkids family are not computer power users. They are more into iOS devices and just use the Mac for certain tasks. At this rate, they may use that machine for several more years, or at least until I get a new iMac!

I own a 2011 MacBook Air which seems to be running just great. I will run the newest macOS for a couple more years. My wife is the primary user for this machine, I don’t think she really cares if she has the latest macOS.

Most of Apple’s computers over the years (along with their other products) have been good quality. That is in part due to attention to detail and just great design specs. Yes, they do cost quite a lot, but it is worth it to have the most elegant computer on the planet running the best OS with very good reliability.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this. A while back I bought a version of my original Mac off eBay, the Macintosh SE:

I am not one of those people that has every Mac he has every owned. I really could not afford to do that, but I just wanted my original Mac for nostalgia reasons. I bought a kit to upgrade the RAM in this thing. I have yet to install it. The plan is to upgrade the RAM, put a SCSI hard drive in it and install OS 6. I actually remember how to use OS 6. Yes, I am that old!!


For some reason I just wanted to talk about the quality and longevity of the Mac today. Not exactly news to you veteran Mac users, but still kind of fun.