Malware Check

Do you have some type of software on your Mac to check for Malware? How often do you actually use this software to check your machine? I use Intego’s VirusBarrier and NetBarrier plus other software on my Mac. But, I always make sure to run Malwarebytes on my machine occasionally.



Malwarebytes is a great little app for detecting malware on your Mac. I have covered how to use it in a previous article. Yes, I run Intego VirusBarrier, a great app in it’s own right. Yes, Apple has there own XProtect builtin to the macOS. Despite all of this protection, I still run Malwarebytes once a month or so. It is a free app, I highly recommend it.

Check out the results from running it this month:


The app found those two pieces of malware. As careful and thorough as I am, there was still some malware lodged in my system!!

The thing to do next is click “Remove Selected Items”. When Malwarebytes is finished it tells you to Restart your Mac and run it again:


In this instance I ran Malwarebytes again after Restarting my Mac:


All was well with the world as you can see.

By the way, just a reminder that when you first open Malwarebytes it takes a couple of seconds to come online. That is because it goes out to their website and updates the malware list to the current version. That way, Malwarebytes is always up to date.


You have to take a proactive approach to malware protection these days. Having a program that runs in the background is good, but not adequate for today’s bad stuff. A multi-tool approach is best. Malwarebytes should be a part of that arsenal.