Moom Presets

I know I have written about the excellent Moom Windowing App from Many Tricks Software, but it is just such a versatile, handy little guy. There are other windowing apps on the Mac, but Moom is in a class all by itself, at least so far.


Moom Custom Settings

Moom has a few builtin settings for moving windows on your Mac. However, if you feel the need for more versatility and control like me, you will want to make your own custom settings. Here is the Moom Preferences drop down window in the Menu Bar:

I have highlighted two areas. The area on the bottom are custom setups for using multiple applications. The area on the top consists of generic setups for moving a single app.

When I first started using Moom, all I really used were the Custom Multiple App Setups. And, that is still what I use most of the time. However, I have discovered that Moom can come in pretty handy for a “one off” type of app. An app that you use only occasionally for which you do ot need a custom setup. So, I setup what I call more generic window behavior in Moom depicted by the top square in the above image. If you are interested here is how you do that in Moom.

First, you go into the Moom Preferences Custom area and click on the plus symbol to create a new setup:

Then, click on the dropdown menu and select what type of arrangement you wish to create. In my case, I just added several different “Move to Edge/Corner” commands. The idea being I just want to get an app out of the way at times, but still keep it open for use.

When you are finished with this selection you will see a window like this:

The little grid shows you what the move will do. If you look at the upper left corner of this particular setup you see a symbol of what it does. This symbol shows in your Moom drop down menu for easy identification.

When you close the Moom Preferences window and click on the Menu Bar icon your new generic window setup appears in the drop down:

As I mentioned, Moom has some builtin commands that do some of this stuff, but I needed to customize a few to meet my workflow needs.


This is really not a big deal I guess, but it sure has come in handy when I use that obscure app once in a while that I need to move out of the way.