Photos Name & Location

One thing I am not very good at is naming and adding a location to my photos. I use a Panasonic FX1000 DSLR and my iPhone 6s of course. I have never thought this was a big deal, but with all the Memories and Favorites capabilities in the Photos app, I am rethinking this whole thing.


iPhone Get Info

If you are using an iPhone for your photos you are ahead of the game. The iPhone and iOS do very nicely at recording your location during a photo shoot:

iPhone Get Info

All you do is add a title and any other information you wish. To get to this Get Info window just select “Info” from the “Window” menu:

Get Info

Or hit Command ⌘ – “I” on your keyboard.

Third Party Cameras

Some third party cameras provide GPS information on your photos. That is a nice feature. However, there are many cameras that do not have this capability like my Panasonic FZ1000 DSLR. When I do a Get Info on one of these photos the location and title are blank:

Third Party

You have to add the title AND the location. But, look what happens when you start typing a location:


It starts searching locations based on what you are typing! The Photos app either has this functionality built in or it uses the capabilities of the Maps app which comes with the macOS. Either way, it is totally cool and very smart.

There is just one more thing here. You can use the Get Info window to add information to multiple photos at once. Just select a bunch of photos:

Do a Get Info and edit the information:



This is a very helpful feature for when I do a photo shoot at the same location resulting in lots of photos.


Adding what is more commonly known as “Meta Data” information to your photos can really help with searches in the Photos app and also jogging your memory about past events. I am doing it much more often than in the past and it is very handy.