SmugMug Photos App

For years I used different plugins to put images from iPhoto to various online hosting services. I have used free ones like Flickr. Currently, I am using the SmugMug photo website which is a pay for space service. It is not cheap, but is has excellent features. Follow along with me on this, especially if you are a Flickr user.


Photo Website Conundrum

If you are putting your photos online for others to view you have several options. You can share albums in the Photos app for starters. It is a bit convoluted to setup, but it works fairly well. Then, there is free online photo hosting like Flickr, Google Photos, Photobucket and others. Lastly, there are pay sites like SmugMug which has been around for many years.

Now that Verizon has bought out Yahoo, many things are kind of up in the air. My wife uses Yahoo email, who knows if that will remain viable. Yahoo owned Flickr, hopefully Verizon will keep that going, but who knows.

SmugMug Old Workflow

A couple of years ago I started using pay online photo websites. They have more features and just work better. It is a bit of a financial investment, but if you like to share lots of photos then I think it is worth it. Of course, if you are a professional photographer you would use a more professional looking pay photo website anyway.

As usual, this is all about workflow and saving time. Here is my old workflow before SmugMug released there handy photo upload app. I edit my RAW photos in the Apple Photos app. I then make an Album of the photos that I like the best. To get them online, I export the photos in a smaller online format into a folder on my Desktop. I then login to my SmugMug account, create a gallery for the new photos and upload them through the web browser.

SmugMug New Workflow

Since SmugMug released it’s new photos uploading app for the Mac all of this has become easier. The SmugMug app is available from the Mac App Store. They also have iPhone and iPad versions. Of course, it is free, they want you to use their service.

Here is my new workflow using the SmugMug app. Keep in mind, I have already edited my photos and made an Album in the Photos App. When you boot up the SmugMug app it creates an icon in your Menu Bar:

Just click on “Select Photos & Videos” and you will be taken to this Finder like screen:

When you are in this window, click on “Photos” in the Media area. You will be presented with this screen:

In this area, scroll up to your Albums and choose the Album you wish to upload. The Album will be displayed in the lower portion of the window, but you still have to use the “Select All” (⌘ – A) to select the photos in that album. When you do, the “Select Gallery” button (bottom right-hand corner) is highlighted. Just click on it and you are taken to your SmugMug account like so:

When I click into one of my areas I get a window full of galleries:

All you have to do is “Create” a new gallery (or folder) and upload the photos. That is all there is to it.

I just want to make some observations on the SmugMug app before I go. It seems to work pretty well, albeit it is not a very sophisticated app. If you do not wish to upload a whole Album you can select individual photos to upload. I thought that was difficult because the thumbnails of the photos are so small. It is easier to just upload an Album.

Having said that, you can go into Photos and give a title to certain set of photos, then search in the SmugMug app for that title, then upload those photos only. There are different ways to do this. I think the Album route is the easiest.


If you are thinking about moving from a free photo gallery website I highly recommend SmugMug. It is not the cheapest site, but it is very classy. Their new SmugMug app makes their site eminently easier to use. I recommend it.