WWDC 2017

I watched the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) Keynote yesterday. I think Apple really delivered a bunch of very cool stuff. I think some people would say, “it’s about time”. I just wanted to comment on a few things.



The upgraded MacBook and MacBook Pros to the faster Kaby Lake processors will be great. I think they will be about the same machines, but just faster. I don’t know if you noticed this or not, they did not make a big deal out of it. The presenter said the MacBook Airs would be upgraded speed wise also. The Air is the sweet spot as far as I am concerned, hopefully they really will be updated.


Wow! The new iMacs are going to be superb. I waited a long time for an iMac update, finally gave up and upgraded my Later 2012 iMac to a full SSD. So, I will not be buying one of these new iMacs. I will just get a new one down the line. It looks like they are going to be way faster with greatly improved Fusion Drives and faster processors. The Retina displays have been improved as well.

As far as I am concerned, the iMac is the sweet spot of the Mac line. I know, lots of people prefer the laptops, especially if they are mobile all the time, but not me. I do most of my computing in my home office and my iMac is indispensable.

If you are a moderate power user then the new iMac Pro might be in your future. It is a beast of a machine and would satisfy at least some of the professional Mac users I am sure. The super high end folks will have to wait for the new Mac Pro next year.

macOS High Sierra

The new macOS High Sierra is a bit underwhelming that is for sure. The main improvement is going to be a switch to the APFS file system from the old HFS+ file system. Let me tell you, that is a really big deal. They demonstrated a file duplication of some videos in HFS+ compared to APFS. HFS+ was reasonably fast, but the duplication in APFS was almost instantaneous! It that holds true, it will be a super fast macOS file system which is a big improvement to my mind. There were other under the hood improvements in graphics. Hopefully, all this results in more speed!!

There are some small improvements to some of Apple’s apps. One thing they touted was the speed of the new Safari in High Sierra. It is supposed to faster than Google Chrome. If that is the case, I will switch back to Safari as my main browser. The only reason I use Chrome is it is way faster. Anyway, I will be a beta tester of macOS High Sierra and will let you know what I think of it.

iOS 11

The show stopper, for me at least, was the new iOS 11. This is going to be a phenomenal release! I cannot begin to go over all the new features here, just take a look for yourself. Or, better yet, watch the keynote if you have time. There are nice improvements for the iPhone, but what really stands out are the improvements for the iPad contained in iOS 11. iOS 11 is a super major upgrade if you own an iPad.


Apple is releasing a new 10.5” iPad Pro. If looks like a beautiful piece of hardware. The display is new and improved and so is the speed. iOS 11 has some new features that work great on the new iPads.


I just wanted to comment on these new releases. As far as I am concerned, Apple hit a home run with all the new goodies. I have not covered them all, especially the new iOS 11. You just have to watch the keynote to get a feel for all this stuff. It is pretty impressive.