Airmail 3

Of all the computing problem areas on the Mac (and PC’s too) email pretty much tops the list. Once I decided to ditch Apple Mail I experimented with and used several different apps like Spark, Postbox, Thunderbird, and others. However, I think I have pretty much settled on a very excellent app called Airmail by Bloop.

Airmail Overview

There is a lot to Airmail so I might break this up into two articles, we’ll see. Lets take a look at the overal interface of the app. Here is what the main window looks like:

Lets just do this by the numbers to begin.

  1. Unified Inbox — One of the best things I like about Airmail is the “Unified Inbox.” Yes, other apps like Spark, Postbox and even Apple Mail can have a “Unified Inbox”, but Airmail just does it right.
  2. Individual Accounts Overview — My individual email accounts are all listed under that gray area. I blocked them out for obvious reasons. You can chose to not show any of your accounts under the “Unified Inbox” and view them separately if you wish. You can click on each account in this area and activate a drop down that shows the inbox and other folders associated with that acocunt. For me,I have gotten so used to the “Unified Inbox” I would not have it any other way. Besides you can pick out which account an email comes from by the vertical color bar on the left side of each email listed.
  3. Indivdual Accounts Full — In this area you can click on an individual account and takes over the whole window of the Airmail App. It is a helpful way to focus on one account if you have a lot of work to do there. While you are viewing a single account the folders for that account are displayed:

By the way, Airmail works great with a Magic Trackpad or laptop trackpad. You can setup slide preferences. In my case when I slide and email to the right in Airmail on my Mac it produces a “Move” command:

If I slide it to the left the email is moved to the Trash. You can setup your slides in the Preferences, more on that in my next article.

Now, Airmail has most of the features you would expect from an email app in dealing with messages. If you have been using email for any length of time you know most of that stuff.

Here are some things you may not know about Airmail. It was an Apple Design Award Winner at this years WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). It can handle iMAP as well at POP accounts. I have several email accounts setup in the app including my Apple ID and third party email.

Airmail works well with other applications. If you right-click on an email you can send it to different places:

Airmail has it’s own Junk Mail feature. However, you can also use SpamSieve with it if you please. I like that a lot.

Oh, and there is one more thing for my overview. Airmail has an iOS version! It is very much like the Mac version with a few little differences for the iOS. It works great and is constantly synced with the Mac version.

Airmail is available in the Mac App Store for $9.99. It is worth every dime!!


I want to cover the Preferences area in another article. There is just too much stuff in the Preferences area to cram it in here. Get Airmail. You will thank me! By the way, don’t misunderstand me. The other email apps mentioned are good apps. If Airmail goes away I would probably go back to Postbox. It is all about what you prefer. Airmail is worth trying.