Changing Browser Search Engine

I use Google Chrome for my primary web browser. Occasionally, I use Safari and Firefox. And, for the most part I use DuckDuckGo for my Search Engine. I think it is more secure. However, there are times when I use another Search Engine service like Google or Bing. Here is how to switch Search Engines in these browsers.


In Safari it is very easy to change Search Engines. Just click on the small magnifying glass in the address box and Safari drops down a menu of Search Engines:

As previously stated, I use DuckDuckGo most of the time. However, sometimes Google will find stuff that other Search Engines will not. You can also change the Search Engine in the Preferences area:

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome you change the Search Engine in the Preferences area.

Just scroll down to “Search Engine” and click on the drop down menu. You can also add Search Engines by clicking on the “Manage Search Engine” link.


I guess people still use Firefox. There are two ways to change the Search Engine. You can just click on the magnifying glass in the Search Window:

If that is a little too cryptic for you then you can also change your Search Engine in the Preferences area:

Select the “Search” Preference and then select the Search Engine from the drop down menu.

I am sure this is not an epiphany to anyone, but it does not hurt to know how to jump to a certain Search Engine for a specific purpose.


If you need to change Search Engines at times then this is how you do it. If you have not considered ever changing your Search Engine you might give it some thought. Each Search Engine seems to have it’s strong points.