Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard

I have been using the current “chiclet key” keyboards on my Macs for a while now. They are not too bad, but I have been longing for the Apple Extended Keyboard, the ones that were just excellent for touch typing.

Mechanical Keys

In my quest to find a keyboard that was suited for a real touch typist I have tried different keyboards. All the ones I have experimented with have what is more commonly known as “mechanical keys”. Mechanical keys make a clicking sound when you type, hence these are called “clicky keyboards”. Sometimes they are pretty loud and can be rather annoying if you are typing in a work environment. However, many people like the clicky sound. The thing that appeals to me most is not the clicky sound, but the function and feel of the mechanical keys. They are a joy to use.

I have tried a few of these keyboards from people like Logitech and Das but I just did not like the feel of them. Either that, or they did not have a very Mac friendly keyboard. However, my search was over when I tried the Matias Quiet Pro for Mac.

Matias Quiet Pro

This keyboard is a dream for typing. It has mechanical keys. However, the mechanical keys are not clicky, they are very quiet. Perhaps a little noisier than a flat chiclet keyboard, but not by much. Let me show you a photo of the keyboard, then I will go over it’s features:

I want to do this by the numbers, but let me cover a few basic things first. The Matias Quiet Pro is not a flat, on the desk type keyboard. To accommodate the mechanical keys, it is raised up. It even has those little feet that raise up the top portion of the keyboard (remember those). Some people use this keyboard with a wrist rest (haven’t seen one of those in a long time either).

The keyboard has extra USB slots which is really handy. There are three of them, not just two like many other keyboards. There is one on the left and right side and then one more located along the top edge of the keyboard.

The keyboard is corded. It is not Bluetooth. I cannot tell you how much trouble I have had using Bluetooth keyboards, including one by Matias. They just lose their signal, especially when Restarting your Mac. So, I am totally cool with a corded keyboard. Oh, I want to mention one more thing. The Matias Quiet Pro has Laser Etched Keys. The letters will not wear out.

Now, lets take a look at a few of the features of this keyboard.

  1. The Matias Quiet Pro is a Mac keyboard! The function keys along the top of the keyboard have all the macOS symbols on them. And, it has the usual Command Key ⌘, Option Key ⌥ and Control Key ⌃ in their usual places. Any Mac user would be right at home here.
  2. The Matias Quiet Pro keyboard has all the function keys. That includes an Eject Key in the upper-right corner of the keyboard where they used to be.
  3. You probably cannot see this in the image, but all the keys have the special characters on them. Those are the same characters you see when you activate the Keyboard Viewer in the System Preferences. So, instead of opening the Keyboard Viewer to find a special character like this Apple Symbol , you just have to glance at the Matias keyboard. These symbols are small, but it is totally convenient to have them show.

I just want to make a few more comments here. The bottomline for me is this keyboard is a gem for touch typing. I got it off Amazon for $139. If you’re typing workflow only involves a few emails and typing things in the Safari address bar, I would not think it would be worth it to get this keyboard. However, if you have at least a moderate typing workflow, then I say go for it! You will not regret it at all. I have one caveat here. If you have been typing on a chiclet style keyboard (like the ones Apple is selling these days) for a while then using a mechanical key style keyboard will take some getting used to once again. Never fear, it won’t take long and you will wonder how you ever lived without it. I can tell you one thing for sure, this keyboard has definitely improved my typing speed.


If you are looking to upgrade you’re typing experience, a mechanical key style keyboard may be in your future. If you don’t mind the click sound then get the Matias Tactile Pro. If you want peace and quiet, then get the the Matias Quiet Pro. By the way, there is a Mini version of these keyboards with no numeric keypad, FYI.